Charity Spotlight – WCSWR

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WCSWR – Women’s Crisis Service of Waterloo Region provides a safe haven to women and their children escaping abuse. As our region grows, so does the need for safe shelter. Your help is needed to rebuild Haven House.

In the midst of a crisis, women and their children are being forced to share bedrooms and bathrooms. They need privacy.  Haven House needs to raise a final $2.5 to build more space because She Deserves It. 

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Charity Spotlight – Back Up

Opencity Inc., Charity Spotlight, Back Up, spinal cord injury, Wellspect HealthCare, 30th anniversary

Back Up demonstrates amazing impact to enrich the lives of those impacted by spinal cord injury.

Every 8 hours, someone has their life changed forever through spinal cord injury in the UK. Back Up provides out-reach with much needed emotional and practical support.

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Too many Empty Bowls

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In place of our usual Charity Spotlight here is my edited Medium post challenging whether we can actually have too many charities. This applies to nonprofits supporting homelessness and disease areas in either one country or indeed worldwide.

It seems to me that we should be striving for collaboration.

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Charity Spotlight – Cure Brain Cancer

Opencity Inc., Cure Brain Cancer, Hacking Cancer, Charity Spotlight, Catherine Stace

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation profoundly demonstrates what is possible through international collaboration.

CEO, Catherine Stace has steered the Australian charity to worldwide recognition, in what could be described as excellence in Hacking Brain Cancer.

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Charity Spotlight – Plastic Bank

Opencity Inc., Plastic Bank, Social Plastic, Charity Spotlight

Plastic Bank is a wonderful social business model turning plastic waste into currency. Brilliant in its simplicity. It is sparking a #SocialPlastic movement.

This is an inspiring story where those challenged by poverty are able to help themselves and each other to benefit from the plastic waste we produce.

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Charity Spotlights revisited

Opencity Inc., Christian Children's Fund of Canada, CCFC, Charity Spotlight, social responsibility

Happy Easter. Opencity Inc. think giving a spotlight to charities is important and one way we can be socially responsible.

Here is a round-up of the charity spotlights we have featured in the last few months.

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Charity Spotlight – Sport Relief

Opencity Inc., Charity Spotlight, Sport Relief, Comic Relief, Fundraising

Sport Relief is a high profile charitable fundraiser with dual aims of mobilising the British population while raising funds for those in need.

It is inspiring to see sport and entertainment as a platform for social responsibility. Join in the spectrum of activities for this year’s March 18-20 Sport Relief 2016.

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Charity Spotlight – British Lymphology Society

Charity Spotlight, BLS, British Lymphology Society, Lymphoedema, Lymphedema

The British Lymphology Society is recognized as a thriving, innovative charity helping to promote educational delivery and professional standards in lymphology.

The March 6-12 Lymphoedema Awareness Week demonstrates the importance of creating awareness of lymphoedema and work focusing on patients’ quality of life.

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Charity Spotlight – 360ºkids

Opencity Inc., Charity Spotlight, 360ºkids, Every Kid Matters, @gregiej

360ºkids surround kids in crises with care in York Region, where 300-500 youth between 13-24 years are estimated to be living in shelters or couch-surfing.

Young people spent one night out to help them begin to comprehend the homeless experience for at-risk kids.

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