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Social Isolation, True North, Hacking Health, Hackathon

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We encourage you to participate in this first dual-city hackathon, run by Hacking Health in Waterloo and Ottawa, in conjunction with the True North conference. There a group of eclectic, bright minds will tackle how we can address Social Isolation, Aging and Technology.

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Physician-led health tech innovation, Technology & the Futures of Health Care 2019 conference, gregiej, event reviews

There are a plethora of health tech innovation conferences exposing how AI can transform healthcare. It is poignant then to see one that is physician-led while noting the valuable role of the pharmacist in how innovation can revolutionize the patient experience.

The inaugural Technology & the Future of Health Care Conference at the Hamilton Convention Centre rounded-off the Hamilton Health Innovation week. Here we examine some of the core messages from the physicians, entrepreneurs, academia and healthcare leaders.

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International Experience, Brockville, St Lawrence College, Ontario, Social Hackathon

Canada ranks fourth as a destination for international students. The three-day campus International Experience roadshow built upon the work of the Social Hackathon at St. Lawrence College.

Here we explore the three-day roadshow that set out to hack ways to improve the international student experience.

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Buy Zolpidem Online Uk

Thompson Rivers University, 5th Skin Integrity and Infection Prevention conference, JWC, wound care, Opencity Inc,

The 5th Skin Integrity & Infection Prevention conference in Kamloops brings together experts in skin, wounds, spinal cord injuries and biofilms. The burden of damage to the body’s largest organ remains a focus for the whole health ecosystem.

Here we explore the two-day conference that examines the unique challenges to Canada of the inter-cultural and rural context in maintaining the integrity of the skin. This Kamloops conference is supported by Thompson Rivers University, Rick Hansen Institute, Journal of Wound Care, University of Huddersfield and 3M.

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The Food Bank of Waterloo Region, Charity Spotlight, Opencity Inc, @gregiej, Ontario,

One in twenty households needs food assistance, which is why The Food Bank of Waterloo Region is there to help. The scale of the operation is impressive and speaks to the need in our communities.

Here we explore the work of The Food Bank of Waterloo Region with practical suggestions on how you too can contribute. 

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Health of people, Opencity Inc, MEDEC, MedTech, Health Innovation Week

Those with lived experience emphasized that a move toward patient-directed self-care is about seeing the health of people and not the healthcare of patients.

The 2019 MEDEC MedTech conference at the International Centre coincided again with the Toronto Health Innovation Week. Here we examine some of the core messages from the exceptional quality of speakers and panels discussions. Patient’s including Lori Pedersen brought an emotional atmosphere to the health executives.

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Cheap Zolpidem Online


It was a courageous step to see one of the LHINs stepping up to run the #Convergence19 conference on system thinking at a time when changes towards Ontario Health may cause the majority to be focussing internally. We need bold, decisive leadership to prompt system-level thinking in healthcare.

Here we explore the superb #Convergence19 half-day session run by Waterloo-Wellington Local Health Integration network at the award-winning CIGI (Order Valium Overnight Delivery).

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Buy Valium Singapore

Nine Books That Changed Our Thinking in 2018

These nine non-fiction books changed our thinking in 2018. Find out why they are worthwhile reads and could be a valuable use of your time.

Ranking these books is a tough exercise. On the one hand, it suggests we chose wisely with so many remarkable books. It also depends on your specific interests. The books cover categories that include social conscience and advocacy, health care, business, history, science and communication.

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