Opencity Inc. is led by John Gregory. He is a sought-after speaker with extensive experience in international healthcare communications with 25-years of experience working across Canada, the UK, and the USA.

Opencity Inc. is an advisor to several Medtech startups on strategic planning, building thought leadership, online authority, business modelling, customer value proposition, key messaging and communications planning. We seek to apply the philosophy of agile marketing to hacking health challenges. John is the Hacking Health Waterloo chapter co-lead. He is a board advisor, video marketing expert and coach at Digital Trades School in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Additionally, John is a recognized international canoeing sports journalist for the International Canoe Federation Google @gregiej

In 2008, on seeing a newspaper headline “Homelessness on the rise” John was inspired to act on behalf of those in need. He started a blog that led to the formation of Milton Transitional Housing. This conscience underpins much of the social responsibility and ethos of Opencity Inc. John hosts the Charity Spotlight podcast on Apple Podcasts.,

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