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Charity Spotlight, BLS, British Lymphology Society, Lymphoedema, Lymphedema

The British Lymphology Society is recognized as a thriving, innovative charity helping to promote educational delivery and professional standards in lymphology.

The March 6-12 Lymphoedema Awareness Week demonstrates the importance of creating awareness of lymphoedema and work focusing on patients’ quality of life.

Lymphoedema Awareness Week

“Lymphoedema awareness week has been a great opportunity for members and patients to raise awareness of the condition. There have been events all over the country from support group meetings with members of the Lymphoedema support network, promoting the Sock it to Lymphoedema campaign. Also, drop in sessions at clinics to teach health care staff some of the skills used in caring for patients with lymphoedema. Information stands have been erected at local shopping venues and leaflet drops to general practitioners as many are not familiar with the work of the society or our guidelines on management of lymphedema”, describes BLS Trustee, Natalie Lee.

Charity Spotlight, BLS, British Lymphology Society, Lymphoedema, Lymphedema

Lymphoedema impacts Quality of Life (QoL)

Lymphoedema has a very substantial impact on quality of life for affected patients. The accumulation of fluid in tissue manifests as a swelling of one or more limbs and may include the corresponding quadrant of the trunk.

The Lymphoedema Framework is a UK based research partnership whose Best Practice for the Management of Lymphoedema, describes;  

“Lymphoedema is a progressive chronic condition that affects a significant number of people and can have a deleterious effect on patients’ physical and psychological health.”

The British Lymphology Society (BLS) was one of the contributers to the international consensus document (London MEP Ltd, 2006)

Lymphoedema Support Network

Patients with lymphedoema need support to manage frequent pain and discomfort. There is no current cure so healthcare professionals focus on early identification of patients at risk and subsequent delivery of services to protect quality of life.

The Lymphoedema Support Group (LSN) has launched 2 new Map of Medicine pathways to help GPs assist people either living with this condition or at risk of developing it. The maps will help navigate the conditions and support patients, but also potentially save time and funding as they will guide best practice regarding onward referral and management.


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