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Opencity Inc., Charity Spotlights, social responsibility, @gregiej, inbound marketing,

Over the past months we have focused each Friday on a different charity. Our Charity Spotlights reinforce our ethos in finding ways to be socially responsible.

While we have no new charity spotlight on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day we especially think of all those who are alone, homeless, in poverty and in desperate need. Here is a quick round-up of the charity spotlights we have featured.

Cheap Phentermine 37.5

Buy Phentermine Singapore

Opencity Inc., Habitat for Humanity, Milton Transitional Housing, ReStore, charity spotlight

Habitat for Humanity is a wonderful illustration of those at risk of poverty, the wider community, non-profit and for-profit sectors collaborating together.

Habitat for Humanity has expanded substantially from its roots in Georgia, USA, in 1976. It has become a worldwide recognized non-profit driving force both in providing much needed support one family at a time, while also advocating strongly for those at risk of homelessness. In 2011, Habitat for Humanity Canada completed its 2,000th home and has now helped 2,700 families. Buy Xanax Singapore

Buy Phentermine Online New Zealand

Buy Xanax Cod

Opencity Inc., Med Tech, health outcome models, Diligent, cultural change,

McKinsey&Company report $44 billion in beyond-the-product solutions in the US alone. Here we explore how multi-national Med Tech corporations can develop health outcome models. Much of the success lies in creating sustainable cultural change owned by the healthcare system.

Buy Loose Valium

Order Phentermine Capsule

Inbound Marketing introduction, non-profits, charities, inbound marketing, Opencity Inc.,

Many non-profit organisations struggle with where to start with Inbound Marketing. To help meet this need, we have developed this Inbound Marketing introduction for non-profit organisations.

This introductory guide has been specifically written to be easily comprehended by non-profits with the first principles of how to raise online presence and authority.

Generic Ambien Side Effects

Order Alprazolam Overnight

Blue Sea Philanthropy, Coldest Night, charity spotlight, Opencity Inc.

The Blue Sea Philanthropy model appears quite remarkable to me. A why did I not think of that type brilliant idea.

The Blue Sea Philanthropy website captures this essence

“Blue Sea Philanthropy is a registered Canadian charity that exists to help other charities thrive financially by providing easy access to profitable turn-key fundraising events and services.”

Buy Alprazolam 1Mg