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Health of people, Opencity Inc, MEDEC, MedTech, Health Innovation Week

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The 2019 MEDEC MedTech conference at the International Centre coincided again with the Toronto Health Innovation Week. Here we examine some of the core messages from the exceptional quality of speakers and panels discussions. Patient’s including Lori Pedersen brought an emotional atmosphere to the health executives.

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Buy Ambien Generic


It was a courageous step to see one of the LHINs stepping up to run the #Convergence19 conference on system thinking at a time when changes towards Ontario Health may cause the majority to be focussing internally. We need bold, decisive leadership to prompt system-level thinking in healthcare.

Here we explore the superb #Convergence19 half-day session run by Waterloo-Wellington Local Health Integration network at the award-winning CIGI (Buy Diazepam 10Mg Bulk).

Buy Xanax Singapore

Buy Ambien On The Street

Waterloo Region MedTech proceedings report

The release of the new proceedings report from the Waterloo MedTech conference could help solidify a jump off point for our support of health tech scale-up in the Waterloo Region. 

The proceedings report from the Canadian MedTech: What’s holding is back? shares how the conference wove the ideal balance of no-holds-barred storytelling, policy insights, and pertinent panel discussions. We explored the theme for this conference in our prior post Buy Xanax CodThe over 200 attendees appreciated the top 7 innovators and start-ups showcase and the inaugural 2018 MedTech Awards.

Buy Ambien Online 2017

Buy Valium Bangkok

Canadian MedTech, Waterloo MedTech, Opencity Inc, conference, health tech

Kitchener-Waterloo is positioning itself as a driver in the health tech innovation landscape. Waterloo MedTech holds their third annual conference on October 24 exploring Canadian MedTech: What’s holding us back?

Here we preview what to expect from the conference and how it helps the Waterloo Region, Ontario and Canada strengthen its vision for innovation.

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Buy Soma Fast Shipping

Wound Care Quality Standards, Ontario, RNAO, OntWIG symposium

Wound Care Quality Standards are the foundation for the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in Ontario (MOHLTC).  The OntWIG symposium identified disconnects between the quality standards and practices around procurement, funding accessibility and inconsistencies in the continuum of care across the 14 Ontario Local Health Innovation Networks (LHIN).

Here we reflect on the thought-provoking Ontario Wound Interest Group (OntWIG) symposium that examined the adoption of the Health Quality Ontario quality standards covering diabetic foot ulcers, pressure injuries and venous leg ulcers.

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Buy Alprazolam 1Mg

Patients Included Hacking-Health-THIW-OpencityInc-gregiej

Toronto Health Innovation Week provided a spirit of optimism for the newest innovations. Patients Included should be the default way of working in health innovation and improvement.

We selected four 1-minute video interviews to include here to capture the essence and optimism of Toronto Health Innovation Week. Read our reflections on the MEDEC MedTech conference.

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Buy Phentermine Paypal


We pick out 7 reads inspired by Toronto Health Innovation Week to help reframe your thinking and spark your collaboration to improve healthcare outcomes in Ontario, Canada and beyond.

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Buy Xanax Las Vegas

adult education, e-learning, HubSpot Academy, Opencity Inc

In our search for best practice examples of e-learning, the HubSpot Academy remains one of the best illustrations we have encountered. As we dissect their certificates, learn how they apply the principles of adult education.

It is a pre-requisite for adult education that learners must be motivated. We see that the broad HubSpot led inbound movement achieves this admirably.

Generic Ambien Pics

Buy Yellow Diazepam

LiDCO US, Website Grader, Case Study, Opencity Inc.,

The ambition for business leaders and marketers is to stand out in a competitive marketplace.

This case study examines LiDCO’s new online presence in the important US marketplace. At launch, the 97% HubSpot Website Grader rating emphasised that the core strategic principles had been accomplished.

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