Reflecting on 2-years of Charity Spotlights

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Starting these Charity Spotlights two years ago was important to us to balance how we can support the charitable sector. Here, we celebrate our 50th Charity Spotlight and look back over the last year.

It was Blue Sea Philanthropy’s CEO, Brian Carney, that first identified that running a consulting business was just not enough for me. We think giving a spotlight to charities is important and one way we can be socially responsible.

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Charity Spotlight – CCFC

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The Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC) works to create a future of hope for children, families, and communities by helping them develop the skills and resources to overcome poverty and pursue justice.

I have a very personal connection with the The Christian Children’s Fund of Canada. Almost 10 years ago my then 8 year old son called to say he had seen an advert on TV and thought that Daddy should adopt a little boy from Africa. He misunderstood a little. He thought the boy would come to live with me, because Daddy was on his own and needed company and the boy in the advert needed help. On behalf of my kids I have been sponsoring a boy in Ghana, who is the same age as my daughter, ever since. The boy in Ghana and I continue to exchange letters.

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Reflecting on our Charity Spotlights

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Over the past months we have focused each Friday on a different charity. Our Charity Spotlights reinforce our ethos in finding ways to be socially responsible.

While we have no new charity spotlight on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day we especially think of all those who are alone, homeless, in poverty and in desperate need. Here is a quick round-up of the charity spotlights we have featured.

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Charity spotlight – Habitat for Humanity

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Habitat for Humanity is a wonderful illustration of those at risk of poverty, the wider community, non-profit and for-profit sectors collaborating together.

Habitat for Humanity has expanded substantially from its roots in Georgia, USA, in 1976. It has become a worldwide recognized non-profit driving force both in providing much needed support one family at a time, while also advocating strongly for those at risk of homelessness. In 2011, Habitat for Humanity Canada completed its 2,000th home and has now helped 2,700 families. You can read the last Habitat for Humanity Canada Progress Report here.

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Social Responsibility – Giving Tuesday

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not new – that being the case why do so many businesses struggle to find structured ways to engage with it?

Giving Tuesday is the latest positive social responsibility campaign. It reflects on those less fortunate after the excess of the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend retail extravaganza.

Social responsibility lies at the heart of the ethos of Opencity Inc. Merely running a successful for-profit consulting business was just not enough. This is what we mean by with conscienceThis is how CSR is defined in Wikipedia.

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Charity spotlight – Soup for Syria

Corporate Social Responsibility Soup for Syria

In this Remembrance week it seems appropriate to recognize those also affected by conflict. Soup for Syria was profiled in Waitrose weekend edition (5.11.2015) and is a great example of Corporate Social Responsibility.

I am certain everyone of us is moved by the scale of the humanitarian crises pouring out of Syria and into Europe. I can hardly comprehend the desperation of a person, maybe with children in tow, arriving at a border crossing into a European nation.

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Charity spotlight – Milton Transitional Housing

Milton Transitional Housing, Homelessness, Affordable Housing

Given that I was one of the founders of Milton Transitional Housing it would seem remiss not for me to include this once early on. It may also help create the context for why I talk about acting with conscience and social responsibility.

In this Opencity Inc website there are also various references to pictures of homelessness and Milton Transitional Housing, including a previous post on a new type of social responsibility. I am honoured to have been part of getting this going through the Homeless in Milton Ontario blog I started in 2008 and which has now had 30,000 views.

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A new type of social responsibility – announcing Opencity Inc.

Opencity inc homelessness social responsibility. Milton Transitional Housing

It has long been my view that businesses can mutually meet the needs of shareholders while also driving social responsibility. With Opencity Inc. we promise to demonstrate that this can be successfully achieved.

There is a very personal connection with Opencity Limited. I am honoured to build upon the incredible shinning example built by Roland and Glenda Renyi. Thank you for mentoring me.

Opencity Inc. brings new skills and experience in strategic planning, business model innovation (beyond-the-product) and inbound marketing all wrapped up in a business with a conscience for social responsibility. Clients big or small, local or international find challenges in strategy planning and keeping up with excellence in both internal and external communications, particularly in applying new approaches of digital inbound marketing methodology.

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