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About Us page, Opencity Inc, Tanja Heffner, Unsplash

An About Us page is often-times one of the default pages in a website navigation and perceived necessity when creating a new website.

So let me ask when you last updated it? Does it help your visitors to gain a realistic appreciation of who you are, what makes you tick and why they should trust your brand? Or does your About Us page looked like a neglected after-thought?

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Ambien 5 Mg Order

Digital Marketing Appreticeship program, Digital Trades School , Opencity Inc, experiential learning

The new Digital Marketing Apprenticeship program has emerged from the successful Digital Innovation Skills Certificate (DISC). The new program run by the Digital Trades School in Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton and Windsor, builds upon the DISC program foundation.

DISC provided a foundational blueprint for future career-ready training in Ontario. 98% of the young people enrolled in the program secured jobs as a consequence of the experiential training. Here we explore the new 7-month apprenticeship certificate.

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Buy Xanax Cod

Video content curation in 20-minutes, @gregiej,INBOUND18, HUG

Video remains an important part of a good content strategy. Here we explore video content curation that is good enough.

The importance of video has been a consistent message from the stage at INBOUND. We are sure that HubSpot is working away looking at how video applies to each stage of the inbound funnel. As a speaker at INBOUND18 in September, we look at the absolute fundamentals of creating your own authentic video with the tools you already have to hand. Finally, we recommend the latest 2018 Video in Business Benchmark Report released by Vidyard.

John Gregory appearing at #INBOUND2018 - video curation in 20 mins

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Buy Valium Bangkok

GDPR - 5 reasons why GDPR is good news

The introduction of GDPR should not have escaped you. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and comes into full effect on May 25, 2018. It has worldwide implications. While GDPR may not apply to your exact country, it has set a new benchmark standard that we should all adopt.

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Buy Ambien Online Europe


We have all read blogs and wondered whether we could do that. But, if the concept of starting your small business blog terrifies you then here are some simple ways to get started.

Learn the experience of small business owners at the Waterloo Regional Small Business Centre – Blogging Made Easy workshop. Then download the four simple exercises to practice yourself.

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Buy Adipex Online Canada

Startup, Waterloo Region, Communitech, Opencity Inc, Medtech, @gregiej

According to HubSpot, starting a business is easier than ever, while scaling one is harder than ever.

This is strong advice from the drivers behind the inbound movement for the 2,299 startups in the Waterloo Region. HubSpot ran its first workshop at one of the regions foremost incubators, Buy Phentermine Online Nz.
Buy Soma Europe

Order Valium Online Ireland

listening, customer, advocacy, nps, OpencityInc, Bambora

CBC noted that this should be a year of listening. We think this can prompt us to shift from talking at customers and adopts the approach of the inbound methodology. Here we explore.

“Listening, after all, is an act of love.”

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Buy Zolpidem Canada

conversion, digital conversion, inbound, convert, Futurpreneur, gregiej, Opencity Inc.

Pondering how to increase your website conversion rate is positive. You are asking the right question. In this post, we guide you on some core fundamentals to improve your conversion rate.

We appreciate that talk of digital conversion, landing pages, and the inbound methodology may represent a new vocabulary. Let us help you.

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Buy Xanax Agora

Quart Medical, EdemaWear, website, case study, Opencity

Selling a product directly to people, without the ability for them to order online is leaving money on the table. This is the situation that faced Quart Medical with their EdemaWear compression stockinet line.

In our, Buy Carisoprodol 350 Mg post, we identified 3 essentials steps to stepping up from a static website designed a decade ago, to one that engaged with customers. Here we explore the Buy Yellow Diazepam case study.

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