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curiato inc, opencity inc, artificial intelligence, data science, snakes ladders, stop the pressure

It is fitting to consider how the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science can bring us towards the elimination of pressure injuries/ ulcers on the worldwide Stop Pressure Injury day. The approach is so refreshing that it could help us tip the balance towards zero avoidable pressure injuries.

Here we preview an exciting new proceedings report titled Snakes & Ladders on how data science and Artificial Intelligence can create a paradigm shift in managing those at risk of wounds.

Buy Valium Roche Online

Buy Phentermine Singapore

Quart Medical, EdemaWear, website, case study, Opencity

Selling a product directly to people, without the ability for them to order online is leaving money on the table. This is the situation that faced Quart Medical with their EdemaWear compression stockinet line.

In our, Buy Xanax Singapore post, we identified 3 essentials steps to stepping up from a static website designed a decade ago, to one that engaged with customers. Here we explore the Buy Phentermine Online New Zealand case study.

Buy Soma In Usa

Buy Xanax Cod

LiDCO US, Website Grader, Case Study, Opencity Inc.,

The ambition for business leaders and marketers is to stand out in a competitive marketplace.

This case study examines LiDCO’s new online presence in the important US marketplace. At launch, the 97% HubSpot Website Grader rating emphasised that the core strategic principles had been accomplished.

Buy Loose Valium

Order Phentermine Capsule

EAUN edited summary, Opencity Inc case study,

This new edited summary is an important step in implementing EAUN guidelines. As a knowledge translation enabler for practice, it supports nurses in making informed decisions about the care of patients.

This case study reflects two projects rolled into one. The first working with Wellspect Healthcare and EAUN to develop the edited summary of the intermittent catheterisation in adults guideline and second to configure the online campaign launch.

Generic Ambien Side Effects

Buy Soma From India

Milton Transitional Housing, Opencity Inc, case study, MTH, online presence

Like many charities, Milton Transitional Housing was just using Facebook, having given up on their website, until we arrived.

We built a responsive website with automation that helps to nurture their volunteers, donors, and sponsors. The website now helps communicate the impact that the organisation is having. It guides people on how they can support the work for those in a housing crisis in the Milton, Ontario community. The result is a stronger brand identity that spans the website and offsite channels.

Buy Soma Canadian Pharmacy

Buy Alprazolam 1Mg

Cantala Women's Choir, Toronto, Opencity Inc., online presence, digital communications experts

The Toronto-based, Cantala Women’s Choir approached us to help them recruit new members.

The resulting new online presence spanning both a website and offsite channels now helps direct their personas towards requesting an audition.

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