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curiato inc, opencity inc, artificial intelligence, data science, snakes ladders, stop the pressure

It is fitting to consider how the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science can bring us towards the elimination of pressure injuries/ ulcers on the worldwide Stop Pressure Injury day. The approach is so refreshing that it could help us tip the balance towards zero avoidable pressure injuries.

Here we preview an exciting new proceedings report titled Snakes & Ladders on how data science and Artificial Intelligence can create a paradigm shift in managing those at risk of wounds.

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Buy Soma In Usa

Canadian MedTech, Waterloo MedTech, Opencity Inc, conference, health tech

Kitchener-Waterloo is positioning itself as a driver in the┬áhealth tech innovation landscape. Waterloo MedTech holds their third annual conference on October 24 exploring Canadian MedTech: What’s holding us back?

Here we preview what to expect from the conference and how it helps the Waterloo Region, Ontario and Canada strengthen its vision for innovation.

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