What does your About Us page say about your brand?

About Us page, Opencity Inc, Tanja Heffner, Unsplash

An About Us page is often-times one of the default pages in a website navigation and perceived necessity when creating a new website.

So let me ask when you last updated it? Does it help your visitors to gain a realistic appreciation of who you are, what makes you tick and why they should trust your brand? Or does your About Us page looked like a neglected after-thought?

Many About Us pages show a portrait image of the executive team alongside a text description of that person’s title, credential and experience.

If I am your site visitors, does it matter to me that you went to Columbia State University and a master’s degree 20-years ago? Does that help me judge your values and built trust? We edit many speaker biographies that academic achievements and senior positions. 

There is a better way. We challenge you to replace your static photos and biographies with short videos. A video between 60-120 seconds in length will convene so much more. I can hear you; I can see your body language and expressions. I may gain a sense of your place of work. Business is about creating that human to human (H2H) connection. I don’t trust a corporate brand as much as I believe the people who work there who represent it. 

Authenticity is paramount. Video created using the tools that you already have available to you is good enough. It seems more genuine and credible than a highly polished broadcast quality corporate video. 

About Us page video challenge

John Gregory appearing at #INBOUND2018 - video curation in 20 mins
Through the INBOUND18 conference and Digital Trades School, we will be challenging participants to record a quick video and replace those static biographies. As a potential customer, it may encourage me to pick up the phone to call you. After all, I know your voice from your video. Maybe you said something or in a way that resonates with me in a personable way.   

About Us page video pro tips

  1. Try to be genuine as being natural sounds more authentic than scripting it.
  2. Try to do the video in one single take, ideally around 59-seconds in length. Make sure the smartphone is in landscape orientation as this is the preferred format for the web. You can record over and over again until you are happy with it.
  3. Try to look for a place for the video that is relevant to your message with a minimal amount of background noise or direct sun.
  4. Try to update as often as it can be, at least once a year, as the season’s chance or your message evolves.
  5. Try to promote those videos in blog posts or social posts often and measure the views and engagements.


Share your website URL for your About Us page with us, and we will share back with you some tips or even schedule an online meeting to discuss with you.

Featured image by Tanja Heffner on Unsplash