A new type of social responsibility – announcing Opencity Inc.

Opencity inc homelessness social responsibility. Milton Transitional Housing

It has long been my view that businesses can mutually meet the needs of shareholders while also driving social responsibility. With Opencity Inc. we promise to demonstrate that this can be successfully achieved.

There is a very personal connection with Opencity Limited. I am honoured to build upon the incredible shinning example built by Roland and Glenda Renyi. Thank you for mentoring me.

Opencity Inc. brings new skills and experience in strategic planning, business model innovation (beyond-the-product) and inbound marketing all wrapped up in a business with a conscience for social responsibility. Clients big or small, local or international find challenges in strategy planning and keeping up with excellence in both internal and external communications, particularly in applying new approaches of digital inbound marketing methodology.


So why social responsibility?

I founded what became Milton Transitional Housing by starting a blog on homelessness in 2008. I have tried to reconcile in my mind why many of us have paid employment in the day and volunteer for charities at evening and weekends. What stops us from doing both simultaneously? I think many businesses don’t quite know where to start to support charitable causes in a good way and equally many charities have not yet been brave enough to tap into the for-profit business community. The ethos of Opencity Inc. will be seeking to bring these together and show by example that you can meet the needs of shareholders while mutually driving social responsibility.

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This is my third business venture. The first was Rapid Paddlers in 1987, then came Sunflower Communications in 2005 and now Opencity Inc. It is wonderful to bring something to fruition on which you have been consciously working towards for more than 25 years! Much has happened and I have been fortuitous to learn a great deal. 

So why should you contact someone whose first business venture as a 17-year-old went stagnant?

Here is what some of those I respect had to say.

Matt Sassone, CEO LiDCO; “John has always been great to work with, he gets things done with efficiency and speed. I am sure he will be a tremendous successful in this new venture”

Jon Moss, Director C4Di; “I wish John and the Opencity [Inc.] team all the best for the future. I’ve had the pleasure of working with John over the past decade which has always been enjoyable and fruitful. If there is anyone with a better knowledge of the healthcare market and an insight into the commercial side of it, I would be very surprised”.

Pontus Rehn, VP Market Development. Wellspect HealthCare; “So glad to see your much awaited business up and running. I am probably just a bit egoistic now, but you running your own company finally makes your expertise and experience, paired with your known high ethic standards, available. I for one will certainly seek to work with you to develop an even better competitive edge to us. Congratulations and looking forward to a successful partnership!”

Michael Quart, President Quart Medical; “I am so happy for you being able to get the business of the ground and have no doubt that with your experience and professionalism will be very successful.   Quart Medical Inc.  will be happy to pass your name forward to prospective clients with complete confidence that all outcomes will exceed or meet their needs.  Your strategic skills and communications are outstanding.”

Rob van Bommel, Director of Sportscene; “It was my absolute pleasure to have worked with John for several years in the field of sports event coverage and promoting canoe slalom through our online platform sportscene.tv. I can recommend John’s work to everyone who wants a reliable and qualitative result.”

Mark Kenneally, United Kingdom & Ireland Country Manager, Netigate. “I have worked with John Gregory on a few projects and I look forward to working together in the future. John’s in depth knowledge of Netigate and Customer Satisfaction is such an asset to any project or business. His understanding of what the project requires and what the customer needs to voice their opinion through various channels for example: A Customer Satisfaction Survey or an NPS Survey is a superior asset to any project or plan to have onboard. I can’t recommend John highly enough and expect to see his new venture flourish very quickly.”

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We will be bringing you a weekly charity spotlight and I am excited already by some of the conversations this is stimulating. We can help in essence because we think this is fun.

Opencity Inc. thinks giving a spotlight to charities is important and one way we can be socially responsible.

Thanks. John

@gregiej @opencityinc