Charity spotlight – Milton Transitional Housing

Milton Transitional Housing, Homelessness, Affordable Housing

Given that I was one of the founders of Milton Transitional Housing it would seem remiss not for me to include this once early on. It may also help create the context for why I talk about acting with conscience and social responsibility.

In this Opencity Inc website there are also various references to pictures of homelessness and Milton Transitional Housing, including a previous post on a new type of social responsibility. I am honoured to have been part of getting this going through the Homeless in Milton Ontario blog I started in 2008 and which has now had 30,000 views.

The charity, which has been tremendously supported by Ontario Trillium Foundation grants, corporate sponsors and volunteers goes from strength to strength serving those at risk of homelessness and giving them a hand-up back to independence.

There is an important forum HOUSING… OUR FUTURE on Saturday, November 21 from 2-5 pm at Milton’s Senior Centre, 500 Child’s Drive. This forum is planned as a major community awareness event for Milton and the surrounding area and will address how a housing crisis affects an individual, a family and the greater community. Check Milton Transitional Housing on Facebook or @MiltonTH1 on Twitter.

HOUSING OUR FUTURE will feature keynote speaker, Brian Carney – Executive Director of Blue Sea Philanthropy, organizers of the Coldest Night of the Year walk. It will also feature a panel discussion with representation from: one of MTH’s “graduate” clients, Habitat for Humanity, Halton Women’s Place, the Posse Project and several others. Information will be available from these and many other local agencies who provide help to people in housing crisis. See you there!

Opencity inc homelessness on the rise

Opencity Inc. think giving a spotlight to charities is important and one way we can be socially responsible.