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Opencity Inc., Ann Handley, Inbound 2013, HubSpot, Delighting the customer

Delighting the Customer is what an executive leadership summit should really be about. Cascading the absolute focus on delighting the customer through an entire organisation from the top down.

The important of delighting the customer for both employees and customers is consistent with the advice from the Harvard Business Review article Buy Phentermine Rx

Soma 350 Mg Withdrawal

Buy Diazepam Cheap

Opencity Inc., LeadershipForum, Leadership Summit, Igloo Software, HBR, @gregiej, Strategy & Digital Communications experts

We enter a busy time for Leadership Summits across many multi-national corporations.

I recommend a thought provoking article from last year’s Buy Phentermine Online New Zealand. It is timely for many companies as we deliver on our latest annual conference for senior executives.

These are my reflection on Frisch & Greene’s article and how my last company stacked up against their best practice recommendations. Our last Leadership Summit used the theme Lead – Create – Perform in the historical music city of Vienna. This was wonderfully complemented with the orchestra theme and conducting led by Buy Soma In Usa.

Buy Xanax Vancouver