A diverse library of reads from 2022

Diverse library of reads from 2022 - OpencityInc recommended reads from 2022

Our annual delve back into the books we have read in the last year.

There is something of an unintentional historical thread to this collection of books. The history of the inhabitants of our planet, the history of aspects of medicine, the history of our societies, design and music. Our ranking is subjective, albeit based on our recommendations to others.
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Our canoeing sandbox environment


My colleagues are often perplexed by my paddlesport journalism. Where the heck does this fit with thought leadership and online authority in healthcare? There is distinctly more overlap than may be apparent. Canoeing provides us with our sandbox environment.

Once seemingly distinct fields now intersect like a Venn diagram. The process methodology is similar; only the topic is unique. However, parallels between sport and business management are nothing new.

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Embracing Agile – Recommended HBR read

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Take the time to read a terrific Innovation article – Embracing Agile in the Harvard Business Review May issue.

Personally, I always value the extraordinary insights from those who have been those architects of new ideas. It is valuable to learn in what way the new paradigm has stayed true to the original principles and how it has evolved over the years.

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