New podcast – Episode 1 – Charity Spotlight podcast


Welcome to episode 1 of our new podcast. Why you ask. Why not I counter. The 50 Charity Spotlight blog features so far have led to some inspiring conversations, and we are so in awe of the incredible work done by so many charities. This new podcast series allows us to delve back into some of those charities again to hear an update.

We start close to home with the Coldest Night of the Year Walk across Canada. Listen to my wonderful interview with Scott Brush from Ray of Hope and Brian Carney from Blue Sea Philanthropy. This interview is much more than just talking about the upcoming event. We learn much more about the fundamental issues they are others are facing and how an unexpected family of charities supporting one another has evolved.

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How to publish blog video in 20 minutes

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“My CEO is hesitant for us to use video,” one marketer at #INBOUND told me. So how can you produce good quality blog video in 20 minutes or less?

Another attendee was interested in my workflow, as he sat and watched me. Workflow sounds a bit grandiose. Here we show the steps to recording, editing, and uploading video; simple, easy and free. Continue reading How to publish blog video in 20 minutes