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Opencity Inc., top posts, hot topics, social responsibility, inbound marketing, strategy & digital communication experts, scorecard

These top posts and content resonated with you the most. They were not necessarily what we expected. The underlying topic insights will guide our future content curation.

We had lots of view and engagement analytics from among the 77 posts on the Opencity Inc. blog plus another 73 on other platforms and sites, through 2016.

Cheapest Zolpidem Online

Buy Diazepam Cheap

Opencity Inc., online authority, thought leadership, 10000 tweets

It was the great Malcolm Gladwell who described the mastery from 10,000 hours of practice. Here is our experience on how to get the most from Twitter in building online authority.

Here we explore what we learned from posting 10,000 tweets in 12-months. This was done with original tweets, not retweets and without automated scheduling. Practice makes perfect as a level of proficiency comes with repeated and intense practice. We grew the number of followers on Twitter for the International Canoe Federation by 20,000 during 2016.

Buy Phentermine Online New Zealand