Medtech budget season – part 2

Opencity Inc, Medtech, budget season part 2

Converting new contacts into leads is a fundamental step for all Medtech businesses. This budget season part 2, is the second of four posts with our guide on budgeting in Medtech.

Medtech budget season part 2

The budgeted activities described through this series of posts relate to the respective stages of the inbound funnel. Here we consider the consideration stage.

Consideration – inbound methodology phase 2

“The consideration stage is when a prospect has now clearly defined and given a name to their problem or opportunity. They are committed to researching and understanding all the available approaches and/or methods to solve the defined problem or opportunity”. HubSpot Academy

Educational content allows the customer to consider different generic options. Remarkable content, in context, that is solution based and not product brand focused, will be most valued. It helps to build trust.

2017 budgets should include:

  • Invest in longer-term health outcome models, to demonstrate a quantifiable customer value proposition and through coordinates programs where product is just one small component of measurable outcome solutions in clinical practice. This is explored separately in more depth in our Health Outcome Models white paper.
  • Plan outputs from investments in sponsored satellite symposia – create educational unbranded proceedings summaries of your symposia;
  • Deliver an ongoing series of webcasts and/or podcasts – approach expert customers, define agreements and work with them to pre-record podcasts, webcasts or better still plan live interactive ones;
  • Engage a medical writer to help create comparison whitepapers.

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Internal communications

  • Translate clinical references, including edited summaries into an internal SWOT analysis to help sales teams leverage this valuable content;
  • Actively engage sales team in identifying customers which whom to work to create congress posters, podcasts, satellite symposia;
  • Communicate inbound campaigns through field sales and customer service teams to help them disseminate to their customers.

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Medtech budget season part 3

Part 3 in this series follows next week and will look at budgeting customer focused initiatives related to the decision phase of the inbound funnel.


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