Download creating congress posters best practices

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Supporting our healthcare customers with this best practice guide on creating beautiful congress posters

This eBook has been specifically written for authors of abstracts submitted for posters at healthcare congresses. The World Union of Wound Healing Societies (WUWHS) 5th congress in Florence, is just one such example this year.

Submitting abstracts to healthcare congresses is an important mechanism in publishing results of studies. Those abstracts once accepted enable presentation of posters at specialist medical congress.

This best practice eBook is split into sections covering:

  • Call for Abstracts – importance of meeting the exact requirements, including the deadline;
  • Start with the end in mind – clearly articulating the expected outcomes;
  • Elements of great posters – 7 elements that all great posters respect;
  • Investing in quality – ensuring that the time invested produces a quality output;
  • Congress planning – posters are an integral part of communications planning;
  • At the congress – what you need to remember at the congress;
  • Abstract & poster checklist – 8 items to verify that will improve your posters.

Our experience indicates that producing abstracts and the subsequent posters is a cause of anxiety for many authors. It does not need to be.


Happy reading!