What we learned from 10,000 tweets in 12-months

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It was the great Malcolm Gladwell who described the mastery from 10,000 hours of practice. Here is our experience on how to get the most from Twitter in building online authority.

Here we explore what we learned from posting 10,000 tweets in 12-months. This was done with original tweets, not retweets and without automated scheduling. Practice makes perfect as a level of proficiency comes with repeated and intense practice. We grew the number of followers on Twitter for the International Canoe Federation by 20,000 during 2016.

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Charity Spotlight – Telecare Cambridge

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Telecare Cambridge provides a confidential phone-in service for individuals who are in crisis, distressed or just need someone to listen. No-one needs to suffer in silence.

Their volunteer staff accept calls from all demographic groups in Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph and the surrounding areas. They provide confidential, non-judgemental, feeling focused and empathetic listening to individuals.

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Our top picks of worthwhile reads

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These 9 books had an impact on our thinking in 2016. Find out why they are worthwhile reads and could be a valuable use of your time.

Providing our recommendations based on what we read in 2016 seems a more valuable insight than a simple review of 2016 or prediction for 2017. We hope you agree.

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