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…. with conscience, the words that follow our Strategy & Digital Communications has stimulated some debate. So is Opencity Inc. a specialist healthcare communications agency or are we all about supporting charities? Actually, I am pleased that many people have taken the time to ask. It seems prudent to explain.


Social responsibility is just one of our four values, the others being; integrity, responsiveness and quality.

Our recognition of social responsibility in no way detracts from our service to our Med Tech customers.

For seven years or more, I have wrestled with why we often work during the week for money both as individuals and businesses and volunteer in evenings or weekends. Why are we not able to do both simultaneously? For those that read my recent Medium article – Do we have too many homeless charities?, one interim plan had been to set up a business called Empty Bowls or Growth Solutions with conscience.

Brian Carney, CEO Blue Sea Philanthropy, summed it up perfectly when he stated back to me that just running a consulting business was somehow just not enough for me.

Med Tech experts

Our depth of expertise is in strategic marketing, business model innovation, healthcare communications and the use of inbound marketing for Med Tech companies. We have substantial experience in many healthcare therapy areas, including wound care, diabetes, cardiovascular, anti-infectives, dermatology, safe patient handling and other healthcare acquired conditions.

Healthcare businesses miss valuable opportunities to align with a specific, relevant and publicly stated non-profit. I see many healthcare companies do not really know where to start, while some charities are outside their own comfort zone in negotiating partnerships with for-profit corporations. Our experience with Diabetes UK and Sleeping Children Around the World illustrate this most effectively.

Not every project will include a social responsibility element. We are committed to maintain our weekly Charity Spotlight features. We believe these are one, simple, yet effective way, we can demonstrate social responsibility ourselves. It appears all non-profits desire to boost their levels of awareness and yet their online presence is often not especially strong.

Charity Spotlight

We have an ask. Tell us which charity is important to you and that you recommend we should feature.


Thank you to those who have recently challenged me and inspired me to share this post.