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aging health, ideation, hacking health, AGEWELL,MaRS

Growing old is crap. A new collaboration between AGE-WELL and Hacking Health seeks to bring new energy to challenge our aging health.

Dr. Alex Mihailidis, Scientific Director at AGE-WELL introduced the joint ideathon with Hacking Health, where teams could win $75,000 of prizes to advance their solutions.

“It is no secret that our population is aging. And the challenge is the same everywhere: To help people maintain quality of life, dignity and indepence as they get older,” describes Dr. Mihailidis.

Buy Phentermine Slimming Pills

Ambien 5 Mg Order

Opencity Inc. Medical Device, Commercialization Playbook, Starfish Medical, MEDEC, MaRS, medtech, Toronto, Canada

The Canadian medtech market appears to be punching below its weight but new patent fillings and start-ups suggest a positive outlook.

A distinguished panel discussed what it takes to go from start-up to the first $50M in the Canadian Medical Device industry at the Commercialization Playbook event.

“Opportunity for Canada in this space is huge in growing role of medical technologies”; says Dr. Brian Courtney

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