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Selling a product directly to people, without the ability for them to order online is leaving money on the table. This is the situation that faced Quart Medical with their EdemaWear compression stockinet line.

In our, You have a website, what’s next? post, we identified 3 essentials steps to stepping up from a static website designed a decade ago, to one that engaged with customers. Here we explore the Quart Medical EdemaWear website case study.

“My company website, quartmedical.com needed a considerable amount of updating. I wanted to start an e-commerce business with a fresh new look. The site needed a total makeover and had to be targeted to different personas. Opencity Inc. laid out the expected outcomes and helped me to understand the process,” commented Michael Quart.

Two distinctive personas

Quart Medical has two very distinct target audience

  1. The patient, family or caregiver
  2. The healthcare professional

The new website needed to address the needs, motivation and remarkable content that would resonate with each. The primary home-page above the fold Call-To-Actions were chosen as

  • Order EdemaWear Now for the patient, family or caregiver
  • Book an EdemaWear evaluation for the healthcare professional

The sticky header has minimal navigations, and the whole site was designed with a mobile-first principle.

Quart Medical brand

The brand is much broader than the business logo. The project examined how the value proposition of the business had evolved. A new crisper corporate visual identity was created. This comprised a new logo, icon, primary & secondary colour palette and copywriting guidelines. To be a little more cutting edge we chose photography with a strong depth of field component. The fact that this can now inexpensively created on an iPhone increases the practicality.

Quart Medical Inc, EdemaWear, case study, Opencity Inc,
The new Quart Medical logo and depth of field style photography

The offsite (social media) channels help amplify the brand and act as a conduit to the website. The consistency between the various profiles is important so that they collectively support the brand in the mind of the customer. Based on the personas, we chose Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for Quart Medical. We also created a YouTube Channel to help bring a human-to-human face to the brand. It doesn’t have to be the perfect video. It has to be authentic. The video is top and tailed with simple branding.


Back to the opening topic about leaving business on the table. We choose to configure WooCommerce using Bambora as the Payment Gateway. It was thoroughly tested at launch. We install an SSL certificate on all websites. It allows customers are websites to see that the https:// prefix to the URL and know the site is secure. It is a requirement of websites doing e-commerce.

I now appreciate the many steps that John took throughout the project plan to achieve full implementation. I now feel that I am ahead of the curve in website design but more critically I am ready to handle future business. John brought detail, forwarding thinking and insights to the development of quartmedical.com,” concluded Quart.


We enjoyed working with Michael Quart and team. The next phase is building an online authority through a sustained content marketing program.

Opencity Inc. can help you build thought leadership and online authority. Read our free ebook through the link below.


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