7 tips to improve your Congress Posters

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Creating impactful posters for medical congresses is an art and science

These 7 best practice tips can help improve the impact of your posters. As just one example, over 600 abstracts have been accepted for the World Union of Wound Healing Societies (WUWHS) in Florence this September.

Congress posters provide a unique forum for healthcare professionals to profile their work allowing them to present important new research information to a targeted healthcare audience. Posters can be a vital part of a medech company’s communications strategy.

Top tips for applying congress posters best practice

  1. Remarkable content of value to congress delegates.
  2. Strong clinical cases or story. These clinical cases must be relevant to the delegate audience at a specific congress. This is particularly true when addressing a patient population or unfulfilled clinical need.
  3. Robust data. Good quality data should be included which supports the conclusions drawn.
  4. Clear structure. Impactful posters are presented with clear structure showing an introduction, objectives, methodology, results discussion, conclusion and references.
  5. Good quality photographs. Clear high resolution photographs with a dated legend that reinforce the intervention or outcome.
  6. A clean spacious layout. Clear presentation of the text, tables and photographs with significant white space.
  7. A high standard of English language use.

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