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In sub-Saharan Africa, 34 million children are missing out on their education. Knowledge is a way forward, and bicycles are making a difference.

World Bicycle Relief is mobilizing people through the Power of Bicycles. They envision a world where distance is no longer a barrier to education, healthcare, and economic opportunity. World Bicycle Relief has a goal of raising 1,400 bicycles on Giving Tuesday.

It is the magic of the bicycle

“When you provide a bicycle, people are empowered with the opportunity to make choices. Over time, bicycles enrich the lives of children, households and entire communities. At World Bicycle Relief, we envision a world where distance is no longer a barrier to independence and livelihood.”

The Remarkable Business Show

I first heard about World Bicycle Relief while driving through Prague listening to The Remarkable Business Show podcast. The host, Jon Moss, was interviewing the German legendary cyclist Jens Voigt. This interview took place a day before Voigt took part in a ride supporting WBR. Thank you, Jon Moss, for nominating them for this Charity Spotlight feature.


“The idea is a child in Africa, instead of having to walk 45 minutes to school the child gets a bike and he can cover the same distance in 10 minutes or eight minutes,” says Voigt.

Together we rise

“It opens your mind. Education can make you to be someone you never even expected to be,” says 18-year-old Susan.

Give The Power of Bicycles

You can help students get to school. You can help communities grow. Powered by the remarkable human spirit, bicycles are a catalyst to possibilities. Your support will help people conquer the challenge of distance, achieve independence and thrive. Donate now and your gift will be matched 1:1.


“Owning a bicycle has changed my life a lot. I have come to face the World. It has helped me be confident. We can be ourselves, not what people want us to be.”

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Photographs courtesy of World Bicycle Relief