2019 pledge to your team

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Start 2019 with a pledge to your team. We love New Year. It affords us another opportunity to reinforce our commitment to others after a period of reflection.

Your pledge is more than a list of new objectives, targets or resolutions. It embodies your values and how you commit to lead by example. Here we explore why this is worthwhile.


Your pledge is grounded in your personal, team or company values and marks the commitment you make to lead by example.We have had good experience with our pledge email to our teams. Your pledge should:

  1. Be honest
  2. Provide vision, motivation, and encouragement for renewed team collaboration
  3. Recognise your weakness and invite others to keep you accountable
  4. Invite your team to challenge you as a leader and that you will listen

Video would be an even better, more personal way to share your pledge with your team. Here are our tips on producing video in less than 20 minutes. We encourage you to invest 30 minutes now to start the year in a positive way.

Listening for a living

CBC prompted us to explore listening for a living. In this post, we explored net promoter score, advocacy, and podcasts. “Listening, after all, is an act of love.”

We all need to invest in mechanisms so that we can listen, respond and engage with customers promptly. Our staff is our frontline with customers and so it will be equally important to listen to our employees.  We have just completed our own annual satisfaction survey and will pledge to act on what we heard.

Social Responsibility ….with conscience

Part of our ongoing ethos and pledge for 2019 is to continue our Charity Spotlight features. We are excited to be expanded these into a podcast series too. We believe these features are a practical way we can be socially responsible and supportive of the non-profits we feature.

Read our post about why starting these Charity Spotlights two years ago was important to us to balance how we can support the charitable sector. Here, we celebrate our 50th Charity Spotlight and look back over the last year.

Tell us which charity is important to you and that you recommend we should feature. You can nominate your own non-profit. We will contact the nominated charities.


Photo by Climate KIC on Unsplash