Download Inbound Marketing introduction for non-profits

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Many non-profit organisations struggle with where to start with Inbound Marketing. To help meet this need, we have developed this Inbound Marketing introduction for non-profit organisations.

This introductory guide has been specifically written to be easily comprehended by non-profits with the first principles of how to raise online presence and authority.

The eBook is split into 6 parts covering:

  • Content – the importance of remarkable content
  • Personas – the starting point for determining great content
  • Blogs – the most valuable element of your website
  • Social media – the mechanism to amplify your message
  • Opt-in subscribers – the value of investing in growth
  • Advocates – the door opener to great online authority and expanded reach

The world of inbound marketing has much value to non-profits seeking to increase awareness of their charitable cause.


Happy reading!