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INBOUND18, HubSpot, Video means business, gregiej, Opencity Inc.

Video means business. We heard from the INBOUND stage how video is becoming the king of content.

The importance of video has been a consistent message from the stage at INBOUND. The launch of HubSpot Video powered by Vidyard is an inflexion point. Tyler Lessard from Vidyard declared that Video means business. You are not too late to start. Video is still emerging and predicted to be the majority of internet traffic within the next few years. There are still some key opportunities. I have adopted adding video to my email signature.

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About Us page, Opencity Inc, Tanja Heffner, Unsplash

An About Us page is often-times one of the default pages in a website navigation and perceived necessity when creating a new website.

So let me ask when you last updated it? Does it help your visitors to gain a realistic appreciation of who you are, what makes you tick and why they should trust your brand? Or does your About Us page looked like a neglected after-thought?

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The Residential Schools system is a blight on Canada’s human rights record. The Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC) recognises the damage inflicted on generations of First Nations people.

Here we explore the work of First Nations Child and Family Caring Society that stands with First Nations children, youth, and families for equal opportunities to succeed. Spirit Bear has become central to their work and embodies the reconciliation movement that represents the 165,000 children impacted.

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